Monday, May 2, 2011

Ready to ride

Reason #712 I like my xtracycle: I can haul my daughter and her bike to go to an easy part of town to ride bikes together. If she gets tired, we load up the bike and head for home.  The original long-tail bicycle can be found at
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New Promo Pics for August Bike Tour! Photos by Aaron H. Johnston (

   Brian Dickel with bass, Trent Wagler with Xtracycle and guitar, Jay Lapp shocked and awed, Oliver Craven with hair.

This action photo shows Brian's first idea for bass hauling on tour.  It's called the caveman approach.  It has recently been replaced by something called the bike trailer approach.

These custom cycling outfits look limiting for long bike rides, but are amazingly comfortable and breathable with the latest fashion in mind. 

Window provides a slight view of wheels and such from Shenandoah Bicycle Company (best brick and mortar bike shop in Harrisonburg, VA or Shenandoah Valley for that matter)

Michigan 2010 Bike Tour WEMU On Air!

Let me set this one up for you. Trent and Jay just biked 60+ miles on their last day of the 2010 Spokesongs 500 Mile Bike Tour. They needed to get to the Eastern Michigan University radio station to play on air before the show ended. For some reason, Trent and Jay had the idea that if they got there by 2PM they'd be golden. If you look at the video you can see that they just arrived in their full "Tree Fort Bikes" team jersey and shorts, and there's only about 6 or 7 minutes before 2PM-which is when the show ends! So, this is some straight off the bike playing by Trent and Jay.

SpokeSongs 2010 Live on WEMU in MI from The Steel Wheels on Vimeo.

Bike Tour Video Promo for 2010. For 2011 Imagine This x 4!

Here's a short promo video from our friend Joel Landis that was made for the 2010 tour Jay Lapp and Trent Wagler did across Michigan. But you can watch it now and imagine that in 2011 we'll be doing much of the same state, with 4 riders and we're swinging through Chicago on our way to Indiana as well!

Steel Wheel Duo Bike Tour Promo from Joel Landis on Vimeo.