Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Few More Pics from the Tour

Trent's Xtracycle fully loaded with guitar, banjo, hatbox, stompbox, washer stick, and some clothes in the front panniers.

Full band and crew riding, including Trent's dad, Howard, on the way to Kalamazoo, MI

Show at Bells Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI.  Still looking good.

Brian with his bass rigged up to his Burley Trailer and on his Lemond Road Bike

Jay on his Surly Long Haul Trucker and pulling his Burley Nomad with the Mandolin and Baritone Guitar on or within.

Oliver loading up his Surly Cross Check after The Ark show in Ann Arbor.  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Siderail Support for the Burley

With a little help from a roadside neighbor named Jim, we got a nice makeshift splint from scrap boards for Brian's trailer. Tim, our master mechanic was brilliant. Thank you to duct tape and zip ties.
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Mechanical issues outside of Chicago

Whether it was the potholes of Chicago or the accumulation of 10 days hauling his bass and cargo, Brian's Burley flatbed lost a siderail this morning. With some duct tape and a wrench, Tim and Brian are splinting it and we will try to ride on.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Days Gone By, An Update From Chicago

Riding, playing shows, and blogging about the tour was a little audacious.  We've ridden over 400 miles and things have gone great the whole way.  We made it out of Michigan and into Chicago.  There was even a ride over 100 miles.    There have been so many stories and experiences, but so little blogging at the end of the day (I fell asleep holding onto a lamp the other night). 

Currently we sit in Chicago, resting and preparing for our Piece Brewery show tonight.  Piece is likely the best brewery/pizzeria in the city and we're looking forward to playing the show and enjoying A LOT of pizza.

8/11/11 Yesterday's ride along Lake Michigan was amazing!  We began outside of Chicago in Portage, IN and used a network of trails to wind our way into the city.  We were saved multiple times by a guy named Dick who could tell we were lost and knew the way to the trail.  We've been surprised again and again by the generosity of strangers on past tours and Dick was another incredible example of unexpected kindness.

Tim Schmidt, Trent Wagler, Fred Wolf, Brian Dickel, Jay Lapp, Matt Eich, and Oliver Craven in front of Lake Michigan
 8/9/11 We began our riding towards Chicago from Fennville, MI.  We played a great outdoor concert there with family, friends, and new fans in the making.  The weather has been unbelievable throughout, but Fennville was a real treat.

The Steel Wheels Show in Fennville, MI at Community Park 8/9/11

8/8/11 Our Monday South Haven show was a huge surprise with standing room only and a great show including some musical treats with Howard (Trent's dad) singing with The Steel Wheels.  It was Trent's birthday, so there was a festive spirit in the air.  The Wheels and crew were on the streets before the show drumming up some publicity.  South Haven is one of the most beautiful little towns we've played. 

Trent and Jay playing on the Streets of South Haven before the Foundry Hall show.  Crowds flock to see spandex-clad Americana musicians.

Trent, Howard (Trent's dad), and Jay singing Uncloudy Day at Foundry Hall.

Friday, August 5, 2011

First Big Ride is Done: Ann Arbor to Marshall (78 miles)

We had a great ride today to start off our bike tour. Currently we're sitting at Dark Horse Brewing Co. relaxing and getting ready for our show.

Seven riders are more fun than two. Our entourage started at 650 this morning after a short night of sleep. Our show at the Ark last night was a gift. That place knows how to support music like no one else.

Here's a picture of us and the bikes at Dark Horse. Notice the great case covers by Colorado Case Company. Woohoo!
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