Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wool? In this Heat? Yes.

This is an actual dialogue between actual people, taken out of context and dressed up with slightly more intelligent language to make it flow and sound quotable:

Trent: So, I'm trying to figure out what all I need for the bike tour, in terms of clothes.

Friend: Probably don't need much with this kind of heat.  Are you a spandex technical cyclist, or a cotton T-shirt old-school, casual kind of guy?

T: I'm thinking of wearing a lot of wool.

F: Wool?  Are you crazy?  In this heat?

T: I'm not wearing a sweater, it's a thin Merino Wool from-

F: Wool!  You guys are going to roast!

So, I realize it might sound a little peculiar if you haven't tried it, but wool is a great year-round fabric for cycling.  I will be taking along as much wool on our August bike tour for two reasons: 1. It wicks and cools equal to synthetics, 2. It doesn't smell as horrible as synthetics.  Check out Ibex or Smartwool if you want to learn all the technicalities, but wool is naturally anti-microbial and one day in the hot sun doesn't provide the same smelly funk as my synthetic jerseys. 

Now, the technical wool you'll find out there that is ultra-thin and wonderful in all temperatures, is NOT cheap.  I've also wondered about its durability over time, because it's so thin.

If you come see a Steel Wheels show on the bike tour, I'll even be sporting my new Ibex "Mechanic Shirt" (pictured below), a button-up shirt made of the funk-preventative wool that doubles as stylish show attire.  That way when I get all excited and sweaty on-stage I can rinse the shirt, hang it to dry and stuff it in my bag until the next show.  Let the music bring the funk, not the shirt.


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